Monday, November 1, 2010

woms & consumerism

Here's an interesting article I found while checking out the feministing blog we brought up in class (the actual post that led me to big think's website can be accessed here: in the third paragraph):

It really corresponds to Shula's comment about intentional purchases, and voting with your dollar since "women have become the major drivers of the consumption economy in the United States". I would also like to leave room to problematize the article's heavy promotion of consumerism...
Thought you might find it interesting, looking forward to a wonderful potluck soon :)

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  1. This is so interesting to me!
    There are so many facets of this to analyze!!

    One interesting tidbit:
    “Instead of just having one income to be middle class, today we need two and that is a huge transformation that puts a strain on all kinds of families," she says."
    Interesting to think, given all our global woman readings, who can afford to have two parents working with children... and who takes care of the kids. Who is being left out of this narrative??

    Another aspect i'm curious about is advertising campaigns geared specifically to women... what desires or insecurities do advertisers play off of? what do they assume women want? here's a quote from the talking head lady: "marketers, if they want to hold on to women as key customers, they are going to have to try to dig deep to find out what women really want, because most women say they feel very misunderstood by the marketplace." hmmmm...

    Plus side: maybe since women are stimulating the economy so much with their disposable income, maybe they'll start paying them as much as men ;)

    Super interesting addition, Nat, thanks much :)


    Here's an awesome and tooootally hilarious youtube series that critiques advertising targeting women: