Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prop8 Andrea Gibson - I do


  1. Hope you all enjoy this!
    Andrea Gibson is a Rock Star!

  2. Loooove Andrea Gibson's work!! Thanks for sharing... this was beautiful.

    I've been talking lately to some folks about gay marriage... Since this poem is partially talking about how her desire to support the person she loves at her death bed may be thwarted by a lack of access to visitation rights which accompany a state-sanctified marriage, i thought this might be a relevant comment. If the fight for gay marriage is mostly about access to welfare, visitation rights, joint adoption, tax benefits, etc., expanding the definition of marriage to include same-sex partners is great, but maybe we should also look at this bigger problem of access to certain rights and privileges. Should people have to get their relationship validated by the state to have access to the benefits it gives? In the fight for gay marriage (in terms of getting access to benefits), who is ultimately being left out? (even if gay folks who get married gain access to benefits, there are many others, like single welfare moms, who are still getting shafted by the system). I support gay marriage, but I also think the queer community should rally with other marginalized groups who are denied access to social resources rather than just focusing on our own camp.