Monday, November 8, 2010

The Media's Expectations...

Hey ya'll

I was watching this comedy show of Margaret Cho's the other day, and if you can get past the first couple of minutes of this video, you'll find that she begins to make some funny, but very profound commentary on her experience as a celebrity that has been considered inferior to the "standard" -particularly in terms of weight. This reminds me of all of the discussions we have had lately about our "messaging" from mainstream culture. So this is just one example of how it affects the individual...

Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. okay, margaret cho is hilarious.
    totally appreciated this... humor + activism = friggin fantastic. I also loved her critique of expectations/stereotypes of her as an asian american woman (intersectionality, anyone?). she definitely problematizes the idea of a good asian girl role model... it's interesting that asian folks tend to be viewed as a "good minority" (a term which can be problematized for sure) - i.e. they are associated with non-threatening stereotypes like intelligence, hard work, politeness, subservience... which of course are extremely confining. The fact that an outspoken, raunchy, queer, asian woman got her own tv show is badass, and undoubtably she'd catch some flak not just for not fitting beauty ideals, but for subverting racialized stereotypes as well.

    thanks for the post shannon!!