Thursday, December 16, 2010

Discussing Feminism With My Father...

I talked to my father a couple of months in to the quarter. I opened up the conversation discussing the classes I was taking. When I mentioned I was taking The “F” Word, he inquired what this covered. I happily replied “Feminism” with a nervous twitch. I could already see the gears turning in his head. I was familiar with the look in his eyes as he gazes off to peer into his brain. I knew he was apprehensive.

My father is a beyond brilliant man. He holds steadfast to what he believes in and does it with an educated mind of knowledge and experience. If he chooses to take up a practice he not only excels but becomes a professor.

My nervous twitch was a reaction to the feeling of intimidation. This feeling has almost become a comfort to me. I usually shutdown and only listen to what he has to say but this time I took his pause of apprehensiveness and began speaking. I understood my father viewed Feminism as a way to swing the pendulum of justice to a woman dominated side. I myself used to believe it.

I used this pause for my voice. I told my father Feminism is not trying to boost women on a pedestal higher than men in order to give men the direct repressed experience women are familiar with today. Feminist are fighting for the equality for every individual. Finished, I felt anxious. Would this become a debate or would we reach clarity? It did not take long for him to process the information I provided. He responded, “Hmmm…”

Baffled I Was! Hmmm I repeated in my head, Hmmm. I was expecting a rebuttal but no. His response empowered my voice. I had shown a misinformed unbalanced gear in his head and offered one with love and compassion for all. Whether he chooses to use this gear is up to him. I find comfort in knowing the gear is in his hands.

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