Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Being a Resident Assistant at PC

I have been an RA at Prescott College for the past year and a half.  This past semester has proven to be a real challenge.  The students in student housing have been a departure form the students that I have been seeing enter Prescott College in the Few years since I came here.  I have heard many an offensive comment – about drugs, religion, and women.  I have done my best to engage students in conversations about these beliefs and comments.  I am having a difficult time choosing an event to document here.  I have challenged someone who I work closely with offensive views of female politicians.  I have talked with another coworker about his statements on welfare mothers.  I have talked with many students that live in housing and quite a few others that don’t about the language they use and the potential it has to alienate and injure those that it is directed to. 

A lot of the time these students don’t realize that effect that their words are having on others.  I feel like reinforcing the need for positive and healthy communication at the Prescott College earlier in their college careers would be extremely beneficial.  I intend to facilitate discussions around gender and communication in my house in the spring, in the hopes that students will be responsive to it.  And hopefully, it will help bring more respect and awareness to the college community.


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