Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to the F Word cohort blog ...of excellence.

F-Worders! Here is our fabulous blog in which we'll be further processing and discussing subjects brought up in class, exploring new questions, connections and ideas, and sharing support, constructive challenges, and insight with one another.

Jordana and my expectations are that y'all post here at least three times throughout the course (though I hope you'll be inclined to engage with this resource further to supplement your learning & pursue curiosities... this blog will only be as awesome as y'all choose to make it... word).

So, what qualifies as a post worthy of credit?
-A thoughtful entry which critiques, builds upon, or provides insight into articles or ideas brought up during class,
-A sharing of a relevant connection from your life/other studies with the course material, or
-A thoughtful, constructive, and substantive response to someone else's post.

In addition, one of your three posts here will be a personal account of / reflection on a "direct action." We're defining a direct action as reaching out to someone with the intent of raising consciousness. Feel free to be creative -- this could be a constructive conversation/confrontation, a letter to the editor of a publication, a feminist-y spoken word performance, whatever you wanna do! The goal is to explore methods of activism, bringing our growing awarenesses into the wider community, and gleaning lessons from each other about what works and what can be improved upon in our activist endeavors.

Guidelines for posting: This blog, being an extension of our class, needs to reflect the same level of respect we would show our peers in person. Please keep posts relevant and respectful. It's okay, even encouraged, to challenge your peers' ideas and opinions, but please do so in a manner that is non-antagonistic, compassionate, and based in a desire to help each other grow. You also need to sign your post with your name. Awesome pseudonyms are cool, but only if you also have your name next to it... it'll be a lot easier on J & me to tally up posts. example: kelsey aka malice paul (extra points for patriarchy-smashing-related pseudonyms and/or references to famous feminists.... like alice paul).

Y'all are awesome, I look forward to working with you!

-kelsey aka bell left-hooks

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  1. You rock my world, you know you did...
    Thanks, Kels! You've beautifully articulated what we hope this blog will be this term for all y'all. :) -Jordana aka Susan B. Anything-you-wanna-be